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  • Correct fingering and hand position, understanding how to get the best tone out of the guitar. We use exercises and warm-ups to increase speed and flow between notes.

  • Strumming and picking techniques, focusing on different rhythms and musical styles. Students learn how to play a huge range of chords, from simple open chords through to more complicated jazz chords.
  • Reading music notation and tablature so you become a competent sight-reader. A competent sight-reader can learn new songs more quickly.
  • Guitar theory – Having an understanding of how music is formed is vital to becoming a good musician.
  • Playing by ear – Understanding how different notes or chords fit together and developing your ear to a point where you can listen to a song and play it.
  • Tailored lessons to suit specific musical tastes, whether it is rock, classical or just playing a few songs that you may like.
  • Exams – The opportunity to sit level exams allows students to gauge their progress and to set personal goals for their playing.